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08.10.2018 - Safety Instructions for Visitors

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25.09.2018 - Automation of production and non-production processes of the company

This project is co-financed by EU funds - Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OP PIK): Technology VII.



05.01.2011 - STAUBLI robotics

Training of ALFA technicians in STAUBLI robotic technology.



18.10.2010 - The company celebrated its twentieth anniversary with the public

ALFA has celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence lately.



25.05.2009 - PROMOTIC visualization system

Training and application of SCADA PROMOTIC system



04.07.2008 - New INDRALOGIC control systems

Training in the new platform of INDRALOGIC control systems



20.09.2007 - Telemetry - equipment for 100% control

The equipment for the measurement and control of defined dimensions of processed parts "Schelle" with the accuracy of 0.01mm.



26.03.2007 - Certification ISO

In the end of year 2006 and at the beginning of year 2007 were in company Alfa with help of company Quality Centrung preparing works for certification ISO 14001:2000. These wants were finished in February 2007 with succes when Alfa received certificate not only in ISO 9001:2000 but also in ISO 14001:2000.

13.10.2006 - Water Ray

We would like to inform you that we acquire a new technology for water beam cutting.



01.07.2006 - ALFA Moves

On 7 January 2006, ALFA company completely moved to the newly built company premises at the address Hradiště 374 Písek.



01.01.2006 - New CPS21 System

Programmers' Training for Programmers BOSCH CPS21 Control System.



01.01.2006 - Screw Fixing

Equipment for automatic sorting and fixing of screws on screwing heads



01.01.2006 - Automatic sorting machine and spring feeder

Equipment for automatic sorting/unwinding of spring and their fixing on defined places



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