ALFA výroba jednoúčelových strojů s.r.o.

Screw Fixing

Equipment for automatic sorting and fixing of screws on screwing heads


The ALFA company successfully completed the development of the next version of the automatic screw fixing unit. The equipment sorts out screws into a defined place without the necessity of manipulation by hand. Screws are placed in a vibration container and fixed pneumatically to their place over a sorting mechanism. For instance, they are fixed to special screwing heads which was also developed for this purpose by the ALFA company. The screwing head with automatic screw feeder serves both for pneumatic screwing units and high performance electrical screwing systems. The system has been modified and improved for years and implemented on a number of semi-automatic and automatic stations. The ALFA screwing heads serve for screwing free accessible screws as well as deep countersunk screws.






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