ALFA výroba jednoúčelových strojů s.r.o.
Production of special purpose machines, assembly lines, manipulation devices and other industrial automation equipment
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05.01.2011 - STAUBLI robotics
Training of ALFA technicians in STAUBLI robotic technology.


18.10.2010 - The company celebrated its twentieth anniversary with the public
ALFA has celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence lately.


25.05.2009 - PROMOTIC visualization system
Training and application of SCADA PROMOTIC system

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09.03.2011 - Assembly line for PQ25 module under steering wheel
A complete production line built on the concept of a pallet system.


25.05.2009 - Assembly line for ladders
Fully automated assembly line of total area of 20 m x 15 m On the line it is possible to assembly approx. 90 type variants of ladders


25.05.2009 - Automated completion of contact tie rod
Fully automated machine Complete assembly including final inspection = 6 s/piece

Information on OPPP program

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