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09.03.2011 - Assembly line for PQ25 module under steering wheel

A complete production line built on the concept of a pallet system.


25.05.2009 - Assembly line for ladders

Fully automated assembly line of total area of 20 m x 15 m On the line it is possible to assembly approx. 90 type variants of ladders


25.05.2009 - Automated completion of contact tie rod

Fully automated machine Complete assembly including final inspection = 6 s/piece


14.05.2008 - High-pressure assembly and control device

Semi-automatic assembly of high-pressure hoses and subsequent tightness test of the set completed.


11.04.2008 - Universal flange tightness test

The equipment for the measurement of air leakage - LeakTest - and other function tests.


27.01.2008 - Automatic screwing C60N

Automatic equipment for the assembly of a screw clamp with integrated control of functional thread of C60N screw and the production rate 3,600 pcs/hour.


20.09.2007 - Telemetry - equipment for 100% control

The equipment for the measurement and control of defined dimensions of processed parts "Schelle" with the accuracy of 0.01mm.


13.10.2006 - Production line for ladder assembly

The production line is composed of two interconnected workstations for automatic pre-assembly and subsequent assembly of ladder sets.


13.09.2006 - RSV Valve Assembly for TOPFDECK

Semi-automatic unit for RSV valve assembly for TOPFDECK. The unit is designed as a revolving table with several workstations.


10.07.2006 - Automatic Workstation for ND V30 Valve Assembly

The machine serves for ND valve assembly which consists of a body, spring, base and ball. The equipment allows the assembly of various types without the need for any adjustment.


01.01.2006 - ZSB Drehstabgestaenge W204 HA ZV ZSB

Semi-automatic workstation for stabilizer assembly


01.01.2006 - WDR and Seger Fuse Pressing - CPS21

Semi-automatic machine for WDR and Seger fuse pressing into pump flange.


01.01.2006 - Universal Assembly of FPM with Automatic screw Driver

The device serves for final assembly of several components in gas pedal body.


01.01.2006 - Automatic Assembly of ULTIMA Contacts

Device for automatic assembly of electrical contact set.


01.01.2006 - Finishing Line MERCEDES A Klasse

Equipment for sticking and capping of frames.


01.01.2006 - Semi-automatic Line MERCEDES

Equipment for sticking and capping of frames and fixing of safety clamp


01.01.2006 - Automatic Assembly of STECKER

Automatic machine for the assembly and camera check-up of STECKER set.


01.01.2006 - RSV Assembly and Thermal Caulking

Semi-automatic workstation for the assembly of valve, thermal caulking of the part and pneumatic testing with evaluation of flow parameters.


01.01.2006 - Check-up Tool for BMW Headlight

Check-up tool for testing the completeness of BMW headlights.


01.01.2006 - FPM Assembly Line

Semi-automatic assembly and check-up line for the assembly of gas pedal sets.



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